Manx Gas Statement5th May 2017

Manx Gas is apologising to some 3,500 of its customers as the result of an administrative error in letters they have received relating to the new banded charging system associated with their gas bills.

Stuart Crossman, director at Manx Gas said: “When we introduced the new banding system we made a commitment to all customers that we would monitor and review their consumption on an annual basis to ensure that the banding level is accurate and fairly reflects the volume of gas used. The letters recently sent out form part of the commitment but, unfortunately, a small minority of our customers have received duplicate letters in error.”

He added: "This may have led to some confusion. We apologise for this error, have identified affected customers and will be clarifying their position in a new letter to them early next week. However, if there are any immediate queries please do not hesitate to contact us."