Which gas?

Deciding on using the cleanest fossil fuel available is a great decision. Now let us help you choose the type of gas for your home.

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Natural gas

Natural gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels. It is piped through our undersea pipeline from the UK and is currently distributed to houses in Douglas, Onchan, Braddan, Glen Vine, Crosby, Union Mills, Kirk Michael, Ballaugh, Ballasalla Castletown, Port St Mary, Port Erin, Ramsey and Peel. The benefits of Natural Gas aren’t just to our environment either – because it is piped straight in you never have to worry about running out, it also gives you a wide variety of appliance choice.


LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas and is made as a by-product of oil refining. LPG is available via an underground mains system in Foxdale, Laxey, Andreas, Santon, Jurby, Maughold and St Johns.

For bulk tank and cylinder users, our ultra reliable delivery service ensures that you maintain your gas supply wherever you are on the Island.